Online Resources

The Harvard Club of Shanghai selected sites that you may find useful to help you as you get started on your Harvard experience:

Harvard University
This is the main page to access Harvard University and all its resources

Harvard College
This is the official page for everything Harvard College, with useful links to related Harvard College information.

Harvard College Admissions
If you are interested in attending the college, or searching for information on the requirement and want to know the information first hand, this is where you need to go first.

Admissions and Aid
Here you can find useful information about Admissions and Aid for various schools of the University.

On this page you can find links to all the schools that make up the Harvard University system.

Five Year Calendar
Provided by Harvard University's Registrar's office, this calendar is very handy.

Harvard Stories
Stories by Harvard alumni about what it was like to study and graduate from Harvard.

Student Life
Harvard University has around 20,000 students across the College, graduate, and professional schools located in Cambridge and Boston. When people refer to Harvard students, often they mean the subset of roughly 6,400 students who attend Harvard College. Students arrive every year in late August.

"Preparing for a Life at Harvard"
John Fan PhD ’72 wants to give students the tools to succeed at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and beyond

Heads of State
A listing of Harvard alumni who have gone on to become heads of state.

Nobel Laureates
Established in 1895 by the Swedish chemist and inventor of dynamite Alfred Bernhard Nobel, the Nobel Prize is an annual award acknowledging outstanding contributions to physics, physiology, medicine, literature, peace, or chemistry. Several Harvard faculty and alumni have been honored with this prestigious award.