Club Leadership 2019

The Executive Board of the Harvard Club of Shanghai is comprised of fifteen Elected Directors who are responsible for the oversight of the affairs of the Harvard Club of Shanghai. Elected Directors represent the alumni as a whole and are elected by Regular Members (those who paid their dues) of the Club to serve staggered three-year terms. Elections occur annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the end of the year. Only Regular Members are eligible to run for a Board position and vote.


Elected Directors

Meijie Tang, AB '09

Vice President
Lei Ye, AB '03
Weiqi Zhang, AB '10

Henry Yin, AB '11

Secretary General
Yiming He, AB '10

Directors in alphabetical order
Amy Gao, MPA '17
Xiyujin He, JD '17
Chenchen Hu, MAUD '13
Matt Lind, AM’01
Zhiyong Qin, MBA '01
Carol Shi, PLD20 '15
Xiaoxiao Wu, AB '14
Hisham Youssef, AB '83
Rosie Zhang, MPA '15
Yinan Zhu, SEAS S.M. '11

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs are appointed by the Executive Board to lead various committees.

Communications Committee
Matt Lind, AM’01 (Chair)
Chenchen Hu, MAUD '13    
Hisham Youssef, AB '83

Events Committee A
Yinan Zhu, SEAS S.M. '11 (Chair)
Amy Gao, MPA '17
Xiyujin He, JD '17
Rosie Zhang, MPA '15

Events Committee B
Carol Shi, PLD20 '15 (Chair)
Chenchen Hu, MAUD '13
Zhiyong Qin, MBA '01
Xiaoxiao Wu, AB '14

Membership Committee
Xiaoxiao Wu, AB '14 (Chair)
Matt Lind, AM’01

Schools & Scholarships Committee
Lei Ye, AB '03 (Chair)
Yiming He, AB '10

Directors Ex-Officio

Directors Ex-Officio include the Executive Directors of the Harvard Center Shanghai, the Directors of the Harvard Alumni Association, the President of the HBS Club of Shanghai and the School Liaisons appointed by the Executive Board.

Alumni Interview Coordinator
Chih Cheung, AB '93, AM '93, MBA '98, JD '99
Lei Ye, AB '03

Directors Emeriti

Past Chairman Director
Bob Ching, AM '65

Past President Directors
Hisham Youssef, AB '83
Kelly Gushue, AB '99
Kate McFarlin, AB '03
David Orenstein, AB '99, AM '02, JD '06
Dong Qiu, AB '96
Helen Pan, MBA '03

Past Directors
Collins Jun Qian, MBA '97
Jing Bu, LLM '08
Tiying Chang, MBA '07
Jeremy Cheung, MBA '00
Ercument Gorgul, GSD '02
John Ji, SPH '13
Charles Reynolds, MPP '07
Steven Wang, MBA '99
Emily Zhao, MBA '07
Yi Zhou, HGSE '10
George Bradt, AB '07
May Luo, AB '08
Jing Pan, MBA '08
Glen Sun, AB '97, JD/MBA '03
Christina Traugott, AB '04
Jeffrey Williams, AB '78, MBA '82
Chibo Tang, AB '07
Shaw Chen, AB '99
Ming Chen, MBA '93
Vvivi Hu, MBA '07
Elyn MacInnis, MDiv '77
Tiantian Mayimin, AB '02, JD '07
Yuming Zou, AB '03, AM '03