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TOUR Exclusive | Disney Research China


We are delighted to invite you to this exclusive tour arranged for The Harvard Club of Shanghai by the Disney Imagineering team

TOUR | Disney Research China
Ben Schwegler

You will not want to miss this exclusive tour of the Disney Research China, a center for research, technology development, outreach and education on sustainable integrated infrastructure systems. The tour will be led by Dr. Ben Schwegler, Senior VP and Chief Scientist, Walt Disney Imagineering.

The center is dedicated to advancing low-carbon, low-energy development by integrating and optimizing infrastructure systems including energy supply and demand, waste and water treatment, transportation, and urban ecology. They have a core team of research scientists who partner with top local and international universities and companies working in China, such as Fudan, Jiaotong, Stanford, and United Technologies.  Their teams conduct fundamental research and participate in innovative demonstration projects that optimize the use of energy resources and materials through advanced computational methods. 

The lab office building renovation is an example to showcase some of the concepts and technologies explored by the research teams, including implementing new forms of performance-based contracts, advanced energy saving technologies, and continuous monitoring and assessment of energy conservation. Boasting over 400 sensors and intelligent integrated infrastructure management system, the building is one of the few working examples or a smart building in PRC. 

No photos are allowed during the tour.

Wednesday 10 May 2017 | 18.30 - 20.30

Disney Research China
624 Jianguo West Road, Shanghai

Space is limited. First come first served.
To attend please register at this link
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RMB 100  Non-member alumni and guests
RMB 150  At the door


Dr. Ben Schwegler, Ph.D. is Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Disney Research CHINA, and a Consulting Professor at Stanford University. He leads the Integrated Infrastructure Design and Engineering group; a multidisciplinary organization of engineers, architects, scientists and other design professionals chartered to understand the interaction of the built and natural environment, and to design infrastructure and buildings to minimize their negative impacts. He serves on Advisory Boards for the Precourt Institute for Energy Efficiency at Stanford and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He has been honored with the Henry R. Michel Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers.