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Unity | Green Drinks Film Screening

  • Haworth Furniture Jingan Kerry Center | Tower 1 | 32F 1515 West Nanjing Road Shanghai (map)

This is a Green Initiatives Event

Green Drinks April Film Screening

Living by loving instead of living by killing is the grand vision presented by Shaun Monson, the critically acclaimed film maker of Earthlings.

Green Drinks' 60th film screening will showcase Unity, a visual masterpiece and a call for compassion, inclusiveness, and understanding of all beings on Earth. Echoing the many calls of our time for increasing awareness of our living environment, Unity comes from a unique perspective by examining human transformation through time. The film ponders our seeming habit of destruction, and sends out a message of hope for a solitary tomorrow. In support of the film’s message of working together, this documentary is uniquely voiced by 100 celebrity narrators for a powerful presentation.

How do we, as humans, perceive one another? Is there a way for us to work together? What are the challenges against global cooperation? How should we strive towards a compassionate future?


Thursday 14 April 2016 | 18.30 - 21.00

Haworth Furniture
Jingan Kerry Center | Tower 1 | 32F
1515 West Nanjing Road

Limited seats - please register here in advance.
There will be an entrance fee as follows:
¥50 for all registered guests
¥70 for non-registered guests
¥20 for students and interns, with PRIOR REGISTRATION.


Presented in chapters, (like its predecessor EARTHLINGS) UNITY takes an in-depth look at what it truly means to be human, to be mortal, and to be incarnate in this world. The film explores our brief existence among the Cosmos (Chapter I), then moves on to the perceptions of our Mind (Chapter II), the nature of our Body (Chapter III), the infinite capacity of our Heart (Chapter IV), and ultimately to the mysterious energy of the Soul (Chapter V). Initially, these chapters will appear unrelated to each other. But as the film progresses it becomes clear that all life is interconnected, and each chapter represents the totality of our mortal experience, which is only measured in decades.

Dawn McGregor
, Network and Partnership, China Water Risk, manages China Water Risk’s extensive network of partners and contributors as well as conducts research and analyses on water risk. She is also responsible for our monthly newsletter publications and communication to the media and showcased these skills at World Water Week, where she has twice been lead rapporteur presenting key findings in the closing plenary as well as contributing to the conclusion papers. She has also delivered keynotes at various industry conferences. Dawn previously worked in a global investment bank analysing and mitigating non-financial risk in Asia Pacific. This included crisis management, business resiliency and geo-political risk assessment. She now continues her work in risk assessment with a new focus of China and water.