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The New Renewables | Green Initiatives

  • BASE 45 Caoxi North Road | 21F Shanghai (map)

This is a Green Initiatives event

The New Renewables
Green Drinks April Forum

It is no secret that China’s energy demand will continue to rise. While the Chinese government is investing strongly in renewable energy sources to keep up with this growing demand, various renewable energy projects are helping secure China’s energy market while gradually making it more mainstream and affordable. 

In many parts of the world communities are investing in their own renewable energy projects, either by co-funding wind farms or by installing solar panels on their roofs. IKEA even intends to start selling solar panels and thereby making it available to more people. It is a way of becoming self-sufficient, decrease dependency on fluctuating and increasing energy prices and a way to decrease your environmental footprint. For most of us here in Shanghai, however, it is not feasible or affordable to install solar panels on our rooftops.

So what can you do to get involved in the renewable energy movement?


Thursday 28 April 2016 | 18.30 - 21.00

45 Caoxi North Road | 21F

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Joy Hughes founded the Solar Gardens Institute in 2010 to support education, policy, and project development for community shared renewable energy everywhere, including advising university student research in China. The Institute is a member of the U.S. National Community Solar Partnership, a project of the White House and Department of Energy. Ms. Hughes has spoken on the topic throughout the U.S. and internationally. She holds a BS degree in Engineering and Applied Sciences from the California Institute of Technology and an MS in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has worked in Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group and several Silicon Valley startups.