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Building Trust after Conflict | Yang Daqing

  • The Music Box 9 Qinghai Road Shanghai (map)

The Hopkins China Forum and George Washington University Alumni Club cordially invite you to

Building Trust after Conflict? Historians and Reconciliation in Europe and Asia
Yang Daqing

 Since the end of the Cold War there has been a proliferation of historians’ commissions in many different parts of the world including Latin America, East Asia, and Europe.  While some of them are purely domestic in nature, the majorities are established between countries explicitly to deal with past conflicts between them. These bilateral joint historians’ commissions raise important questions about the role of historical knowledge in post-conflict reconciliation, in East Asia in addition to Europe, as well as about the production of historical knowledge itself in our times.


Monday 25 January 2016 | 19:15 – 20:30

The Music Box
9 Qinghai Road

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Yang Daqing teaches modern Japanese history at the George Washington University, and has also taught at Harvard, Yonsei, Tokyo, and Waseda. A native of Nanjing, China, he received his PhD from Harvard University. His research interests are the Japanese empire, the history and memory of the Asia-Pacific War, and historical reconciliation. His book Technology of Empire: Telecommunications and Japanese Exapansion: 1883-1945 (2011) examines telecommunications networks and prewar and wartime Japanese expansion. He is also a co-editor of Rethinking Historical Injustice and Reconciliation (2008) and Toward a History Beyond Borders: Contending Issues in Sino-Japanese
Relations (2012). He has served as a historian consultant for the Interagency Working Group on Nazi German and Imperial Japanese Government Documents at the U.S. National Archives.