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The Sharing Economy | Green Drinks July Forum @ Arup

  • Arup Associates 1045 Huaihai Middle Road | 37F Shanghai (map)

“Collaborative consumption”, “Peer-to-peer marketplaces”, “The sharing economy” — different people call it different names. The point is to focus on accessing rather than owning a product. As resources are being quickly depleted, a new economy has emerged to address this problem.

When societies are able to come together and share tools and materials, it generates less waste, promotes smarter consumption, and builds stronger communities. The sharing economy is both environmentally friendly and economically sustainable.
Who are the global pioneers of this concept? Where can these Sharing Economies be found? What are the things being shared? How accepting are western consumers versus Asian consumers of the concept? Are there a different set of challenges for a Sharing Economy in Asia i.e. safety or security? What are some examples of this kind of business idea in China?

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