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Richard Beaudoin | What Makes Music Beautiful

Composer and Professor Richard Beaudoin will be speaking on "What Makes Music Beautiful".  Two events will be held today. Please review details below.

What makes music beautiful?
Have you ever thought about “What makes music  beautiful”?
Get the answer this week at Shanghai American Center where  Richard Beaudoin, composer and Preceptor in Music at Harvard  will be leading a discussing and sharing his own  compositions.

Event Details:

Tea Party  15.00 - 17.00
Before the lecture, there will be an informal tea party for up to 15 people with Professor Beaudoin. To attend you must contact Jeremy directly if you would like to join the tea - [email protected], 150.0055.6556
Song Fang Maison de The
227 Yongjia Road (close to Shaanxi Nan Lu), 永嘉路227号甲
Cost: 50 RMB

Lecture 18.30 - 19.30
The Shanghai American Center
The American Chamber of Commerce
1376 West Nanjing Road, Suite 540
[美领馆讲座] 随哈佛导师领略古典音乐之美


Richard Beaudoin (American composer; born 1975) has taught  composition and music analysis at Harvard University for  seven years, and holds the post of Preceptor on Music. He  has given lectures on his music at the Centre for Music and  Science at Cambridge University, The Royal Academy of Music  in London, The Steinhardt School at New York University, The  New England Conservatory, Dartmouth College, Harvard  University, Yale University, The University of York and the  Schweizerische Musikforschende Gesellschaftat the Hochscule,  Luzern, Switzerland. His writings on music have been  published by Perspectives of New Music, The Journal of Music  Theory, Organised Sound, Divergence Press, Journal of the  CeReNeM, and The Journal of Aesthetics and Art  Criticism.